Affordable Child Care


slide-affordable-child-care-basic-needsRhode Island has the lowest child care assistance eligibility limit in New England.  Child care is often the largest expense in the household budget for parents with young children.

The Child Care Assistance Program  helps approximately 8,000 Rhode Island children from low-income working families afford the high cost of child care.

To qualify, a parent must be working and earn less than 180 percent of the federal poverty level (e.g., $36,288 for a family of 3). Parents contribute to the cost of care based on their income.

Making Child Care Affordable
Representative Diaz H7236/ Senator Crowley S2131
Making Permanent the Exit Income Eligibility Limit April 2016

Increasing the “Entry Income” Limit
Representative Blazejewski H7115 / Senator Goldin S2130
Expanding Access to Rhode Island’s Child Care Assistance Program (2016 Factsheet)
Making Child Care More Affordable for More RI Families – March 2016 Brief