Report claiming Rhode Islanders moving out to avoid estate tax is unmoving

Press Statement From Kate Brewster, Executive Director, The Poverty Institute The most recent census found that Rhode Island’s population grew over the past decade[1]. So too have the number of wealthy taxpayers, according to information taken directly from federal tax returns[2]. Despite these facts, a report released today marks yet another attempt to lay the groundwork for more tax cuts for …

State of Working Rhode Island 2007

February 03, 2007 Rhode Island’s economy weathered the 2001-2002 recession well, adding new jobs as growth in the rest of the country stalled. Since 2004, however, the Rhode Island economy has fallen behind. Job growth is slowing, unemployment rising and the median wage fell by 0.6% since 2000, making Rhode Island the only state in New England to experience a …

The Status of Women in Rhode Island – A Mid-decade Report

January 03, 2007 This study, commissioned by the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island and written by The Poverty Institute, measures how well Rhode Island women are doing on several indicators including political participation, employment and earnings, social and economic autonomy, and health and well-being. Read the full report.

The Right Start for Children, Families and Rhode Island

March 06, 2006 Starting RIght Child Care: The Right Start for Children, Families, and Rhode Island The 1998 Starting RIght Initiative sought to ensure access to affordable, high-quality child care and early education for all Rhode Island families with children from birth to 16 years old. The Program focused on three crucial supports: financial support to parents, provider reimbursement and …

State of Working Rhode Island 2005

September 03, 2005 This report provides a comprehensive overview of the trends in job growth, unemployment, wages, poverty, and work-related benefits in Rhode Island. Read the full report.