State Budget Toolbox

State Budget Toolbox - The Rhode Island State House

The state budget is the most important public policy document in Rhode Island. Decisions about how much to spend, what to spend it on and how to pay for these priorities have a significant impact on families and communities across the state.

But the state budget process can be complicated. That is why the Economic Progress Institute is committed to making sure that all Rhode Islanders have a powerful voice in the debate over tax and spending decisions. We do this by providing guidance about how people and groups can influence the choices made by legislators and the governor and shape the budget for the betterment of the entire state. Read our presentation about the development of the state budget and how Rhode Islanders can weigh in.

A centerpiece of The Institute’s activities is hosting our yearly budget conference where Rhode Islanders can learn more about timely budget issues. Presentations from past conferences are available.

To ensure all Rhode Islanders, particularly low- and modest-income residents, have a voice in the state budget debate, we engage in:

Budget Analysis: Provide the community with analysis of budget proposals and their impact on low- and moderate-income households.  We use these analyses to educate and influence policymakers.

Public Education and Training: We host forums, like our annual state budget conference to educate the community about timely state fiscal issues. We also train individuals and groups about how to influence state budget decisions.