Testimony in Support of S2088, an Act Relating to Insurance – (no-cost contraception)

Last updated: February 27, 2024

Testimony in Support of S2088, an Act Relating to Insurance – Accident and Sickness Insurance Policies (no-cost contraception)
Senate Health and Human Services Committee
February 15, 2024
Nina Harrison, Policy Director, The Economic Progress Institute

The Economic Progress Institute strongly supports Sen. Euer’s S2088, which expands access to contraception in RI by requiring every individual or group health insurance contract to provide coverage to the insured and the insured's spouse and dependents for all FDA-approved contraceptive drugs and devices. Rhode Islanders value health, safety, and fairness. Protecting access to contraceptives is crucial to creating fair policies that improve health outcomes, and enable family planning, and economic security.

The ACA already prohibits insurance companies from charging out-of-pocket fees for preventative services like birth control. S2088 not only requires no-cost coverage for contraceptives, it also strictly limits the ability of insurers to impose restrictions and delays, and improves access by ensuring no-cost coverage for alternate therapeutics and over-the-counter methods without prescription. Before the ACA’s birth control benefit went into effect, contraception accounted for 30% to 44% of women’s out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Since its passage, the ACA has been under relentless threat of dismantlement and repeal. We cannot afford to go back to a time when women paid more for healthcare simply because of their gender. Preventive reproductive care — including birth control — is basic essential healthcare. We urge you to pass S2088.

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