Mike has worked as a Capitol Hill staffer, network TV news researcher, reporter, magazine editor, web copywriter, and for close to 20 years, public information officer for three state agencies. After serving at the Attorney General’s Office, Department of Labor and Training, and Department of Environmental Management, he brings experience in de-complicating topics such as civil and criminal law, workforce development and labor market information, and climate change and environmental justice.

He joins EPI wanting to learn the issues that keep Rhode Island from being as fair and decent as it should be and hoping to deliver communications support for an organization that has always delivered for the Rhode Islanders who need it most. Mostly, Mike believes in a circular economy, where we reduce a take-make-waste system that is not sustainable, where resources remain local, and where jobs and wealth stay in the community versus being extracted from it.

An East Providence native and the fourth of 10 kids, Mike graduated from Villanova University eons ago and is a rabid Big East basketball and Premier League soccer fan.

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